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Bottle gourd, commonly known as Lauki, is perhaps the most loved vegetable by adults and the most hated vegetable by kids. It is long and cylindrical in shape just like a bottle. It originated from tropical Africa and is commonly cultivated in South Asian countries. It is light or pale green in colour and flesh is white with soft seeds. It can be eaten after boiling or can be cooked as a vegetable. Bottle gourd is also used for making sweet dishes and soups.

Nutritional content

  • Bottle gourd is high in fibre which aids in proper digestion and treats gut related issues too.

  • It is high in vitamin C which gives your skin a radiant glow and keeps your immunity boosted.

  • It is high in potassium and iron.

  • Bottle gourd is super low in calories and its regular consumption may help in weight loss.

  • All our bottle gourds are produced organically and are free of any hazardous chemicals. Vegetables are mostly harvested on the same date of delivery.


Storage – shelf life

You can chop bottle gourd or store it as a whole vegetable in zipper bags or containers. Keep them in a refrigerator and they will remain fresh for around one week.


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